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About BNI

What is BNI

BNI is so much more than just the world’s largest networking organisation. Here in BNI Berkshire & Wiltshire it provides a host of opportunities for the right minded business owners, professionals and trades to meet up each week in a positive, supportive, and structured networking environment for the development and exchange of genuine business referrals and amazing ideas to help you grow your business.

How does BNI Berkshire & Wiltshire do this?
The answer lies in two words: Givers Gain. Every week members across BNI Berkshire & Wiltshire meet for 90 minutes. Their aim is to train and educate the whole group about their businesses and the different kinds of referrals they are specifically looking for. We help each member do this effectively so their fellow members are looking for those genuine referrals and can pass them each week.

What are the benefits of joining BNI Berkshire & Wiltshire?

Membership benefits are too long to list but here are three of the biggest:

  • Professional Networking Training = More Business
  • Sharper Communication Skills = More Business
  • Proven Referral Marketing System = More Business

Clearly, there is only one way to find out why BNI Berkshire & Wiltshire works so well for so many different businesses and all the benefits which BNI membership has to offer. Visit a BNI meeting in Berkshire or Wiltshire this week and discover how it can work for you.


I joined the Windsor Chapter in May (2014) having already started working with some members from BNI Ascot, BNI Windsor and BNI Slough whom I met at various other networking events. I have found the whole experience brilliant and consider the members amongst my friends now too.

All these chapters are vibrant and fun and I look forward to going to the Windsor meeting each week and being a visitor to the other chapters. But we also of course pass business which is what it is all about. I have over 30 members of The Best of Windsor now who I do local marketing for, and out of those, 9 are BNI members. The business I do with BNI members is worth over £10,000 pa to me in revenue quite apart from all the other benefits which working with these brilliant businesses brings. I have found that members of BNI are very serious about growing their businesses and work very hard at it - these for me are the sort of businesses I want to be around!

I am now starting to get referrals too, which will add to the benefits. All I would say to people who are in business locally is to join your local chapter. BNI should definitely be a consideration when planning your marketing mix.

Michelle Heywood - The Best of Windsor - - 14th of October 2014